Kudos Across America – Maui, Hawai

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Kuhului Airport, Maui County, Hawaii (File photo)


 I hope this is going to reach someone who can address our complimentary words for TSA Officer Spencer Bocanegra.

My husband, Stan, and I were leaving Maui (OGG-Kahului Airport) after visiting family (we are from Hawaii) for a flight to SFO and DEN. We were TSA PreCheck® and flying first class. We went to the correct line (only one there), and when we were to enter either the metal detector or the body detector, I let them know that I have much metal in my body due to seven back/hip surgeries, and my husband also has metal parts. We are in our 70s, and my husband uses a cane.

OGG TSO Spencer Bocanegra (Photo by Team OGG)
OGG TSO Spencer Bocanegra (Photo by Team OGG)

One of the TSA officers gave me a look that said she was not happy. But Spencer stepped forward and said he was happy to help us and to follow him. We have never encountered a more congenial agent! He was superb. He whisked us (husband following slowly) through the regular TSA security check area, asking people to please move, coming through, thank you!

We were a bit embarrassed that we were bypassing travelers in the long line. That did not deter Spencer. He had a job to do, and we were his customers. Spencer switched canes with my husband so he could go through the body scanner. When we were through, I asked to speak to his supervisor.

I told the supervisor what a wonderful TSA Officer Spencer is and that I wanted Spencer to be recognized officially. He suggested I contact TSA.gov and that he would personally acknowledge Spencer. I have found that not too many businesses have a contact site for great job comments. I always want to praise anyone who has done a job well.

I was a Flight Operations instructor for United Airlines. My older brother was a Captain for United Airlines. We both are retired, but we have travelled enough for work and/or pleasure to recognize superior service when we see it! Spencer Bocanegra fits those parameters.

Please acknowledge his work. Please let him know he is valued. It was a pleasure to write this email and praise him.


Renée Bruske

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs