Kudos Across America - Philadelphia

Friday, December 3, 2021
Officer Kirk observes photo

Greetings, TSA Leaders,

Officers Kirk and Marcos photo
Philadelphia International Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Shirlene Kirk and Lead TSA Officer Marcos Pantaleon (Photo by Robert Chanc)

I am writing, very belatedly, to acknowledge the kindness and professionalism of two TSA officers who assisted me, my mother-in-law and her partner through security at the Philadelphia airport (PHI) last July. It was a complicated process. In addition to three people and several carry-ons, we had two cats who, though drugged, were eager to be out of their confinement.

Lead TSA Officer Marcos Pantaleon and Supervisory TSA Officer Shirlene Kirk were assigned to help us. First, they explained that the cats had to be removed from their carriers. As this was risky in open space, the TSA officers took both of us and the cats to a room where the door could be closed and the cats retrieved if they got away.

Officers Pantaleon and Kirk handled their task calmly and professionally. They answered all of our questions, some more than once, with clarity and caring.

I have traveled a lot in my life for business and for pleasure. I know that the TSA checkpoints can be stressful for travelers as well as for TSA officers. When they do their jobs well, I thank them, because it makes our experience easier. When they go above and beyond their basic duty, I thank them and I write to you!

As a manager myself, I always hear when there is a problem. But it is a really good day when I hear about the great work of staff. Please know that my delay in writing should not reflect on Pantaleon and Kirk. I'm sure they have helped many others since we passed their way and may not remember their efforts back on that July day. But we do, and we are all still very grateful.

I trust this letter will be shared with Pantaleon and Kirk and will be included in their personnel files. They deserve no less. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe. I know at times your roles receive little appreciation, but many of us know how important your work is. Be well and stay safe.


M.J. Weston