Kudos Across America – Pittsburgh

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Pittsburgh International Airport Lead TSA Officer Deb Merida and TSA Officer Nathan Duda (Photo by John Keddie)

I am writing to bring to your attention the exceptional assistance I received from TSA Officers Nathan Duda and Deb Merida when I was having difficulty walking to my gate to catch a flight back to Washington from Pittsburgh International Airport.

Noting my unsteady gait after passing through security and seeing that I appeared to be falling, Duda immediately approached me and offered his help. He exhibited great concern and even offered to escort me to the gate. While I was putting together my belongings on a bench outside security, he came back several times to check on me. When it became obvious that it would be inadvisable for me to proceed on my own, he suggested a wheelchair.

After a few moments, Officer Merida appeared with the chair. By that time, two of my colleagues taking the same flight had arrived and said they would take me along with them to make sure I would be okay. Merida was extremely solicitous and wanted to make certain that I no longer needed the chair. After reassuring her that I would be fine in the company of my colleagues, we proceeded to the gate without incident.

I know that TSA officers, who have an extremely difficult job, are too often maligned. On this occasion, however, I am extremely grateful for TSA Officer Duda’s and Medina’s kind actions and their remarkable dedication and concern. I hope that they will be recognized for their exceptional performance. They are a true credit to TSA.