Kudos Across America – Providence, Rhode Island

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Bentley and passenger photo

TSA Officer Bentley — I later found out his first name is Tim [Timothy] — was so gracious, professional and patient with my daughters and I.

Officer Bentley
Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport TSA Officer Timothy Bentley (Photo by Lucille Benoit)

I travel often from Rhode Island to Washington DC and I always dread going through TSA, especially with small children. Officer Bentley talked my daughter through the process of what they needed to do, asked them questions regarding electronics, and any other items they might have on them.

He reminded me of someone that loves their job, but loves and respects people more.

I was feeling down after leaving my family behind and Officer Bentley made my day.

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communication and Public Affairs