Kudos Across America – Sacramento, California

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Officer Perez banner

[While] I was in line at TSA PreCheck®, I witnessed the interaction between TSA Officer Marcus Perez and a family with two adults, a teenager, small child and baby. Part of the family had TSA Pre [PreCheck] but they mistakenly all waited in the [PreCheck] pre line.

Marcus Perez photo
Sacramento International Airport TSA Officer Marcus Perez (Photo by Ivan Saliba)

There was a language barrier as well and the adult women were confused and definitely not trying to get away with something. Marcus was extremely polite, respectful and helpful. He followed the rules of PreCheck but in a way that was thoughtful to the family and the circumstances.

It was a BUSY morning [during] spring break and I'm sure Marcus had put in many hours of his shift already. It was just so great to see such kindness and compassion from a TSA officer.

When it was my turn to go through security, I remarked to Marcus that he had been so great handling the situation.

 I gave this feedback to his supervisor at SMF, but I wanted to officially share this compliment.

Way to go Marcus for being so respectful of travelers and families even during a busy week.

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs