Kudos Across America – Salt Lake City, Utah

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Salt Lake City

To Whom This May Concern,

I want to give a big Thank You (even two years later) to STSO Harley Higgs.

Salt Lake City International Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Harley Higgs (Photo courtesy TSA SLC)

A first timer to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), and a first time flyer alone with my five-year-old at the time, I was very nervous going to and from the airport terminals back in March 2021. With that, I am known to lose my things. Of course during my departure back to California, I lost my wallet during the transition of taking off shoes and placing items on the belt.

It wasn’t until I wanted to purchase a souvenir inside the airport that I notice my wallet was missing. While retracing my steps and dragging my poor five-year-old around, I was almost sure I wasn’t going to find it or get to my plane on time and seriously on the verge of crying. Luckily, Mr. Harley Higgs was walking around looking around and notice me (assuming he looked at my ID) and gave me back my wallet which I had left during the security checks. Instead of placing my wallet in some lost and found, making me miss my flight, I felt like he went beyond his essential duties to make sure he found the owner to the wallet.

I appreciate him and years later still recall the day of how lucky I was. I always said I was going to share my appreciation and hope he’s still there to be acknowledged.

Thank you!

Samantha Acosta

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs