Kudos Across America – Sitka, Alaska

Friday, August 26, 2022
 Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport TSA File Photo


I recently traveled through the Sitka, Alaska, airport (Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport) and was very pleasantly surprised by the warm and helpful hospitality of the TSA staff. Their instructions were delivered with a smile, assurance, and reason. They were happy to assist travelers with their varying needs to efficiently move everyone through security.

As a very frequent traveler who has been through Seattle, Santa Ana, Orlando, Miami, Boston, Barcelona, Heathrow, Qatar, Dubai, Juneau and Sitka in the last six months, I have not experienced a TSA or airport security team that made the experience anywhere near as pleasurable as I found in Sitka.

I would recommend this group be sent to train other TSA sites on customer service and hospitality.

Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport TSA Staff
From left, Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport (SIT) Lead TSA Officer Dominic Johnson; TSA Officers Jake Sturrock, Johnny Sani and Aron Brundridge; Alaska Screening Force (ASF) Supervisory TSA Officer Marie Barka; SIT TSA Officers Michael Magaw, Kelly Maclaughlin, Robie Hall; ASF TSA Officer Vicki Zawacki; SIT Supervisory TSA Officer Chris Mead and TSA Officers Duane Kauffman and Tim Twitchell.  (Photo by Irish Hemphill)