Kudos Across America – Toledo, Ohio

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
LTSO Waganfeald photo

I sent a form in but wasn’t sure it got through. I wanted to thank TSA and specifically Lead TSA Officer Bill Waganfeald at the Toledo Express Airport for his kind assistance and professionalism as I was taking my 88-year-old mother, who was in a wheelchair, on a flight from Toledo to St. Petersburg.

LTSO Bill Waganfeald ptoto
Toledo Express Airport LTSO Bill Waganfeald. (Photo by James Oswald)

I was trying to carry many items, including carry-ons, while pushing the wheelchair, and the officer gave patience and assistance by pushing the wheelchair, taking us to an elevator and getting us squared away upstairs.

We are grateful for this assistance which was volunteered by Waganfeald, as it made for a smooth trip and less stress with my mom, who was moving back to Florida after being in assisted living in Ohio.

Thank you.