Kudos Across America - Utah, The Land of Zion

Friday, January 28, 2022
Zion National Park photo

Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY)

Canyonlands Field Airport officers photo
From left, Canyonlands Field Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Terri Shepardson, TSA Officers Keegan Graf and Gerald Reed, Supervisory TSA Officers Kelly Dunham and Laura Bridges, Lead TSA Officer Roberto Zuniga. Not pictured, TSA Officer Paul Balo and Lead TSA Officer Michele Hill. (Photo courtesy of TSA CNY)

The screening crew we encountered yesterday was by far the friendliest, most thorough, most professional TSA crew I’ve encountered in the 20 years since the TSA was created. It was actually an enjoyable experience to interact with this team.

Please commend each of them for the exceptional way in which they perform their duties.

Salt Lake International Airport (SLC)

I’ve been through many TSA security checks over the years and many TSA Officers seem so serious and stoic.

Officer Childs photo
NDO TSO Dense Childs (Photo by David Fitzpatrick)

Today in the SLC [Salt Lake International] airport, we were delighted to encounter Denise Childs, a TSA officer who told us she is a roving agent and is assigned to different airports throughout the U.S. for a few months at a time as needed. She was so personable, friendly and had a fun sense of humor while still doing her job professionally. She impressed us. She was delightful to interact with and should be your positive poster TSA officer.

Give that lady a raise and let her know she is doing a great job being a friendly and helpful human connecting with the hearts of her fellow humans.

Yea for Denise Childs! She made our day.

St. George Regional Airport (SGU)

St. George Airport photo
From left, St. George Regional Airport TSA Officers Amanda Cooke, Wendy Moore, Cindy Whitney, David Miller, Hugh Brebner, Walter Wiest and Rell Monson. Not pictured, Supervisory TSA Officers Scott Ferreira and Chad Strong; Lead TSA Officers Noel Gonzales, Catherine Roberson, Launi Miles, McKay Hyer and Lindsey Lindsey; TSA Officers Stacy Hansen, William Jarrett, Mark McDonnell, Wendy Chatterton, Wendy Coburn, Curtis Erickson, Hannah Gullo, Jay Jones, Brian Krasinski, Andrew Miller, Brian Pearson, Carter Stagg, Tasha Thorup, Branden Vanausdal and TSA Manager Shawn Cole. (Photo courtesy of Jacob Saunders)

It’s such a pleasure to fly out of SGU [St. George Regional Airport]. Everyone is so pleasant and professional. The stress level is nearly zero.

Anytime I can fly out of SGU rather than Vegas, I do.

Thank you for all your efforts!

Kristen Drake