Kudos Across America – White Plains, New York

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Welcome to Westchester County Airport (Photo by Eric Seliga)

Dear TSA, 

I am writing to praise one of your officers, Supervisory TSA Officer Robert Brattesani, whom I met during a mishap at the Westchester Airport in Armonk, New York. 

HPN STSO R. Brattesani (Photo by Eric Seliga)
HPN STSO R. Brattesani (Photo by Eric Seliga)

I arrived at the airport and started the security check and quickly learned that I did not have my wallet, which had all my IDs, in my pocketbook. I was surprised I forgot to pack it, but I do know that as an 86-year-old woman, I get a little nervous flying. We were going down to Washington, D.C., to see our family, and I was flying and my husband was driving our car down. I have a bad back so I was trying to minimize automobile time.

I guess Mr. Brattesani could sense my anxiety and was very calm and tried to help me by removing me from the security check-in area and trying to help me board my plane before it left. Brattesani was very professional and kept assuring me I would not miss my plane, but he needed some more information to be able to allow me to board.  

We took a seat outside the security check and he asked me questions pertaining to my identity. He was most reassuring and supportive at a time where I needed it. This has never happened to me before. He was as comforting in his role as one could be! I think he sensed my fright.

On my ticket for the airplane, he wrote “No ID” and I felt like a fugitive, but all ended well and I did make my plane and had a lovely weekend in DC with our family.

HPN STSO R. Brattesani and co-worker checking out an X-ray image. (Photo by Eric Seliga)
HPN STSO R. Brattesani and co-worker checking out an X-ray image. (Photo by Eric Seliga)

I am writing this letter to compliment Mr. Brattesani for his help in boarding the airplane and for his help in navigating a mishap. When we arrived home, I found my wallet just where I accidentally left it on a blanket in our family room!


Gloria Raskin

Mt. Kisco, New York