Newark TSA officer wins Outstanding Federal Employee Award

Monday, March 9, 2020
Lusito Isip Picture

As a TSA officer, Luisito Isip of New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport makes sure passengers and their bags are properly screened for prohibited items such as firearms, weapons, and explosive devices. But in addition to performing his usual responsibilities, Isip regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to improve TSA’s operational efficiency at one of the busiest airports in the country. 

So it wasn’t a surprise when Isip won the prestigious 2019 Outstanding Federal Employee Award for Metropolitan Northern New Jersey, presented by the Federal Executive Board.

Isip’s security expertise, versatility, and training ability help TSA Newark accomplish its mission as effectively as possible. His hard work and dedication save time and money for TSA, allowing officers to focus on their security objectives.

“I am extremely proud of Officer Isip in obtaining this recognition, which transcends TSA to the entire federal community in New Jersey, and firmly establishes just how valued TSA is and how important our work is,” said Federal Security Director Thomas Carter. “Officer Isip is an outstanding member of the TSA team and the federal civil service.”

Isip works in the checked baggage screening area of Terminal C at Newark Airport. Because of the physical layout of the building, he is often moved to different screening locations based on operational needs.

Isip is certified on every piece of equipment used to screen for explosives at the terminal. His certifications enable TSA Newark to have the flexibility to free up resources to be used in the most optimal way.

Isip is often asked to troubleshoot and resolve issues without having to call a technician. He takes the time to teach officers how to properly diagnose and address equipment issues, so the entire team benefits from his expertise.

Isip’s screening experience and teaching skills make him a highly sought after trainer. He holds himself to a high standard and adapts his training methods and teaching style to meet the needs of trainees. 

“Officer Isip is often relied upon when other coaches cannot seem to get through to their trainees,” said Supervisory Training Specialist Eileen Neary. “He is always willing to step up and take on all challenges.”

Isip’s supervisors sometimes call upon him to serve as an acting lead officer. In that role, Isip is responsible for the productivity and efficiency of up to 25 officers.

Isip was humble upon winning the award. “It’s a bit overwhelming for me to get this award for simply doing my job,” he said. “And even if it’s not my job, if I am given an order, it becomes my job!”