Observant TSA officer thwarts car break-in at Boston Logan International

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Officer Hanson photo

While walking through the airport garage to clock in for his shift, Boston Logan International Airport TSA Officer Derek Hanson noticed a stranger sitting in his buddy’s car. Curious, Hanson approached fellow Officer James Robison’s car and engaged the stranger in conversation.

Officer Robison photo
TSA Officer James Robison (Photo courtesy of TSA Boston)

Since he knew the vehicle’s owner, it was obvious to Hanson that the intruder gave him bogus information. Suspicious, Hanson tried to block the stranger from exiting the car with a handful of items including a jacket.  

As Hanson reached for the jacket, the stranger fumbled his own cellphone and identification. Hanson recovered the items faster than an MVP football player. When the alleged thief demanded his dropped property, Hanson replied, “You can get it from the police.”

The intruder fled the scene when he realized Hanson had the upper hand in the dispute. Hanson turned over the cellphone and ID to law enforcement.

“Thank you for having my back and going out of your way to stop the situation,” Robison said in a message to his friend and colleague.

Hanson’s willingness to engage when he saw suspicious activity saved his friend’s personal property from being stolen and earned him the admiration of his colleagues.