Passenger screening hits all-time high in Miami after Super Bowl

Thursday, February 6, 2020
K9 at Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIV delivered a great game and brought huge crowds of football fans to Miami. The day after the big game, TSA officers at Miami International Airport (MIA) screened a record number of travelers.

On Monday, February 3, TSA Miami screened over 82,000 passengers, an all-time one-day high for MIA. Only Los Angeles International and Las Vegas McCarran International Airports saw more traffic on Monday.

Even more amazing were the short wait times. Miami Deputy Federal Security Director Tim Lewis said the maximum passenger wait time was only 17 minutes, and on to

MIA at Super Bowl
p of the record number of passengers screened, travelers checked in 54,456 bags, so MIA’s baggage screeners were really busy, too.

Lewis called the day a big win for TSA Miami, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, airlines, our partners and the city of Miami. “The troops showed up early and stayed late,” he said. “Sixty National Deployment Force TSA officers from around the country helped, canines were deployed, and satellite Identity Verification Call Center (IVCC) tables were set up to help passengers with lost IDs.”

He also said transportation security inspectors watched team arrivals, additional law enforcement was deployed, and TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams were stationed at various transportation sites around the city to make sure travelers were safe. VIPR teams partnered with Miami-Dade police and security personnel from the Department of Transportation and Public Works to safeguard those traveling to NFL Live events. 

In a message to TSA employees who took part, Miami Federal Security Director Dan Ronan said, “I have to pause and take time to thank you for the incredible job each and every one of you did.”

“The regula

K9 at MIA
tory planning with the NFL and Miami-Dade County was unprecedented,” Ronan added. “Dozens of special security events were held, requiring many of our security inspectors to be out in the field ensuring that special rules were followed. There were countless meetings with the airlines and Miami-Dade County to ensure we had a good screening plan and that everyone was on the same page. Putting together schedules to cover checkpoints and baggage areas early in the morning and throughout the day; setting up IVCC tables; and opening an extra checkpoint normally used for passengers flying internationally, were just a few of the items that worked to perfection.”

Ronan also said local and visiting canine teams ran canine screening operations continuously for most of the day on Monday and supported the county in screening Super Bowl event sites and transportation hubs throughout Super Bowl week.

“And last, but certainly not the least, officers, specialists, and managers adjusted shifts and worked together to break the all-time passenger throughput record here at MIA,” noted Ronan. “The dedication, comradery, and team work across all shifts and locations were outstanding. It was definitely a great day for TSA here at Miami. Tim and I sincerely thank all of you for a job well done!”