Phoenix officers help kids with disabilities through screening

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Kids of Courage

Transportation security officers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) recently had the opportunity to support a deserving group known as Kids of Courage. Phoenix passenger support officers stepped up and went out of their way to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for the special guests who came through the security checkpoint.

Kids of Courage (KOC) is a volunteer organization that assists individuals with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to travel all across the U.S. to participate in various activities. The young people and their chaperones are invited to attend special events and are treated to the types of fun that all children should experience. This experience at PHX is just one of many such events the organization sponsors.

The PHX passenger support officers took pride and special care helping each passenger through his or her airport experience. When the group first arrived at PHX, the team assisted them from the aircraft to their buses and helped them with their luggage to make sure everyone made it safely and without issues.

On their return a week later, the officers created two extra screening lanes for the KOC special guests and their chaperones, many of whom had very limited flying experience. From the ticket counter, through security, and all the way to the gate, they made sure the kids received service that was a level above and beyond.

When asked why he volunteered for the event, officer George Makrozahopoulos said he “was always interested in the Kids of Courage program and wanted to pitch in. It turned out to be a very moving experience for me. Several of the kids had severe mobility issues and it was inspiring to see them living life to the fullest every day and setting out on a new adventure.”

“What an amazing event!” said Acting Federal Security Director Scot Thaxton. “Over 700 heroic children with disabilities from Kids of Courage, coupled with over 40 caring Phoenix Passenger Support Specialists, joined together to ensure an educational, stress-free, and successful screening experience through PHX. The looks on the children’s faces were priceless and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to provide support to these wonderful children and their families.”