Tickled pink update - Chattanooga TSA breast cancer survivor thriving

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport LTSO Donna Rice (center) and her TSA brothers and sisters in pink continue to support one another through thick and thin. (Photo courtesy of Donna Rice)

In June, we introduced you to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA) Lead TSA Officer Donna Rice and her TSA brothers and sisters in pink.

Rice was diagnosed in January 2022 with triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma. At the time of the Cancer Survivor Month feature, which chronicled the unyielding emotional support she and her husband received from her TSA family she had just returned home from phase 2 surgery.

We checked in with Rice this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to find out how she is.

Together We're Stronger

“Thanks so much for wanting to do an update,” said Rice. “First, I'm doing great! I have finished my phase 2 recovery, and I did get my tummy tuck. I have had check-ups with each of my doctors (breast surgeon, oncologist and radiation doctor). All the visits went great, and my recovery continues to amaze us. I am in the survival stage where the focus is on being healthy. Support makes the difference.  

“I have attached a picture of everyone who has had a loved one with breast cancer. I asked that they put the name/names of the loved ones on the poster, and we recognize/remember their fight. 

“Thanks again for your support and helping to get the word out how we can all make a difference.”

We’re tickled pink for Donna and wish her and the CHA TSA family all the best.

To learn more about risk factors, screening and early detection of breast cancer, visit the Susan G. Komen® website.

By Karen Robicheaux, TSA Strategic Communications and Public Affairs