TSA designs connected, collaborative workplace for new headquarters in Springfield, Virginia

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Oscar Marting Picture

When TSA moves its headquarters from Arlington, Virginia to Springfield, Virginia this fall, employees can expect to find innovative workspaces designed to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency, thanks in large part to TSA Facility Manager Oscar Martin.

As the workplace interior designer, Martin’s focus is on enhancing the work experience by better connecting employees. Martin’s design of the building’s interior was inspired by elements of a network, with workstations and the paths to them physically interconnected to promote networking and teaming. “The network design aims to inspire new ways of thinking and test innovative approaches in the workplace at TSA,” he said.

Martin sees his role as an opportunity to educate and encourage agile working styles that facilitate teamwork. “It’s about designing spaces to foster a sense of identity, cohesion and trust,” Martin said.

Martin’s approach to this design has been heavily influenced by active learning and research. He believes movement is key to active collaboration. The mobile design of the new headquarters is expected to promote physical, mental and emotional engagement, giving TSA employees greater freedom for creativity and expression.

Martin has dubbed the interior design of the new headquarters the “TSA workplace experience.” He believes happy and team-oriented employees are efficient workers, especially when they can easily communicate and cooperate.

“I truly believe that learning and collaboration happens by being connected to one another, and this is how I came up with the network concept for the hubs design on the project,” Martin said. “Collaborative spaces are all about human experiences.”

The design of TSA’s new headquarters aligns with the “Commit to Our People” strategic priority established by TSA Administrator David Pekoske, enabling collaboration as well as the infrastructure necessary to support the TSA workforce in accomplishing TSA’s mission.