TSA’s Humble hero Husted first rescuer on scene

Thursday, October 6, 2022
Car crash photo

Newly wedded Allen Husted, was driving to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, to pick up his wife when he saw a terrible car crash occurring.

Wedding picture
Allen and Shawna Husted on their wedding day in August. (Photo courtesy of Allen Husted)

“I noticed a vehicle veer off into the left-hand cement median cross all lanes and crash head on into the right-hand steel barrier by Exit 3 near Alexandria, Virginia,” explained Husted, a Logistics Management Specialist assigned the TSA Systems Integration Facility.

Husted made his way closer to the scene, parked his car and ran to the driver side door of the smoking vehicle to offer help.

Allen Hustead photo
Logistics Management Specialist Allen Husted, at the TSA Systems Integration Facility. (Photo by Allen Husted)

“I'm retired from the Air Force and have completed several tours with the Army, Marines, and Air Force, so I know how important the first minutes are to saving someone's life,” Husted noted.

The driver was bleeding from a head wound, and the passenger was thrown to the back seat during the accident.

“I yelled to the passenger to wake up and get out as the engine was on fire and helped him climb out,” Husted added. “I pried on the driver's door until I was able to get it open and attempted to wake up the driver, but he remained incapacitated. I made the decision to pull him from the vehicle due to the smoke coming from the engine.” 

After safely pulling the driver from the vehicle, Husted called 911. Virginia State Police Officer, Cooper Burns was the first responder to the scene. The emergency medical technicians and firefighters arrived shortly after. 

Husted followed up with Officer Burns regarding the gentlemen’s condition, but was unable to receive an update.

Husted humbly said, “It was simply a matter of doing the right thing and the right time. I just hope if it had happened to one of my family members or friends, someone would offer the same assistance.”

By TeaNeisha Barker, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs