What people are saying about TSA

Friday, January 24, 2020
What people are saying about TSA

Austin, Texas

An Austin, Texas passenger said a TSA officer took the extra step. “I have to say that this was a great display of someone caring enough to go an extra step or several steps to help someone that was in a bind. That officer put a huge smile on my face as someone that cares about other people enough to do something out of her normal duties. We need more people like her in our world.” 

Fort Myers, Florida     

“I'm sure that it's not often that TSA is publicly praised and thanked for their work, but in this instance, it’s very much deserved,” said a Florida traveler. “I hope you will share with the Fort Myers team my sincere thanks for their decency and professionalism during our trip.”

Des Moines, Iowa

I couldn't help but notice and enjoy the sound of hardworking happy officers. Kudos to the officer [with glasses] who was boosting the officers' spirits with kind words and keeping us passengers happy with those same kind words.”