What people are saying about TSA

Thursday, December 12, 2019

A passenger commented about the TSA Lost & Found operations at Baltimore. “I left my iPad after passing through security at BWI and your website made it very easy to make a claim. I have worked for the federal government for nearly 40 years, and I want to compliment you for having implemented a very effective system for reuniting travelers with lost items.”

Utah passengers are talking about their TSA experiences in Cedar City, Utah. “I wanted to let you know about an exemplary customer service experience I had recently. Please thank the ladies of TSA Cedar City for me.”

Officers at Dallas Love Field are effective communicators, says a Dallas frequent flyer. “The officer acknowledged I needed to opt out of the full body scan due to my insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring device which can be affected by the machine. I appreciated her clear explanation and communication. As someone who regularly travels, she was the most polite airport security officer I have encountered in some time.”

A Richmond, Virginia passenger said, “I can't thank him [the TSA officer] enough for stepping up and stepping in to assist us, without being asked or directed. He simply saw that we were struggling and came to our aid. I'd like to recognize him for his service and his contribution to making the TSA and travel experience such a positive one for us.”