What people are saying about TSA

Friday, December 27, 2019
TSA Officers

Honolulu passengers commented on how some officers ease the tension at the airport. “He joked with people on the line for TSA Precheck and had me laughing during the entire wait. He smiled and seemed very good natured and interested in making our travel enjoyable from the very beginning. I have never met such a dedicated TSA [officer], and I have been traveling for many years!”

In Florida, passengers are talking about the understanding and knowledge of some officers. "He was incredibly amazing and professional with my Type 1 child who alarmed due to his insulin pump. He explained the different alarms which was very helpful and talked to my son in terms he could understand. It was my least stressful experience ever going through MCO and we fly through there three or four times a year. I am so grateful for his time, understanding and knowledge of Type 1 issues.”

A Lewiston, Idaho traveler had this to say about TSA: “I’ve traveled a bit and granted this is not a high volume facility, but the TSA employees at this location are simply the best I’ve ever encountered. Courteous, respectful, friendly, helpful, empathetic. EVERYONE I have encountered at this airport [LWS] has been fantastic. They truly have the best interests of the public always as a priority AND genuinely like people.”

TSA Officer