What people are saying about TSA

Thursday, January 9, 2020
What People are Saying

Washington D.C.

A passenger at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport said, “[Their officer’s] actions (finding and returning my misplaced Kindle) accentuated the professionalism they were already exhibiting by fulfilling their mission as TSA officers. Again, what they did, and do, was and is much appreciated.”

San Angelo, Texas

Travelers from rural Texas stated that “TSA did a great job at checking and making sure we were all safe [to travel]. Great energy made for a great flight. [I] love travelling through San Angelo.”

San Angelo Team

Jacksonville, Florida

The son of a Florida woman relayed comments when her lost jacket was returned. “She described the [officer] as very helpful and super nice.” The relieved son further said,

Jacksonsville Story
“This may or may not have seemed like a big deal to any of the TSA officers involved...but to an elderly woman who has a fair amount of anxiety about airline travel and her son, the value of the actions of the [officers] is difficult to describe.

I would like to pass along to the TSA a great appreciation for the kindness and helpfulness shown.”

Columbus, Ohio

A flight attendant gushed “how wonderful the TSA personnel is at the Columbus, Ohio airport [John Glenn Columbus International Airport]. She elaborated, “I have never c

Jacksonsville TSOs
ome across such friendly and good spirited TSA [officers]. It was very refreshing as I’m a flight attendant and do not typically have this experience.

They are doing something right in CMH, and I wish it could spread to every other airport in the country.”