What people are saying about TSA

Friday, February 7, 2020
BOI Picture

Boise, Idaho

An Idaho passenger commented on how a TSA officer commiserated with his wife as she carried her mother’s cremation urn. “He took a few minutes to talk with my wife about her mother, quietly and respectfully, saying at one point, ‘Thank you, I feel like I know her a little now.’ This officer took what would normally be a very impersonal experience and made it a positive and warm one for my wife. Thank you, this simple act of kindness meant the world to my wife during this very difficult time for her.”

Pullman WA Picture
Pullman, Washington

The wife of an Army veteran, who suffers from complex PTSD commented on the care her husband experienced at Washington state’s Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. “During our recent holiday travel, the wonderful [officer] who took care of us on departure from Pullman made sure that [my husband] Kris was comfortable each step of the way. On our return trip, we were greeted by a passenger support specialist officer at Houston. Both officers were professional and kind, two qualities that are in short supply but in high demand.”

Chicago, Illinois

The parents of unaccompanied minors, who were allowed to walk their children to their departure gate, commented about TSA. “We would like to take a moment to let you know of the professional

ism, understanding, and humanity displayed by a TSA officer at O'Hare Airport. Both my wife and I were granted access to the gate so that we could stay with our children until takeoff. This would not have been possible without the efforts of a TSA officer. She could have very easily disregarded my plea, but instead realized how important this was for my wife and me and how relatively simple it could be to solve.

We think that TSA officers have an incredibly important job and do not always get the praise and/or respect that they should. This instance is one that should be shared…”

Atlanta, Georgia

An Atlanta officer’s kindness was recognize

d by a thankful passenger, who said, “I cannot thank her enough for her kindness! She is such a wonderful person and I appreciate her so much! I thanked her, but please thank her again!

I don’t know if you acknowledge employees for going above and beyond, but she definitely did!”