What people are saying about TSA

Monday, November 18, 2019
What Passengers are saying

Passengers traveling from Burlington, Vermont said TSA left them in a great mood. “The professionalism was incredible, and my husband and I were very happy. No issues at all, and some of the people that were instructing how and what to do during screening were making jokes and made us all laugh. Even though our flight was delayed by an hour, we were still in a great mood.”

A Milwaukee passenger said a TSA officer is the Gold Standard. “She was courteous and pleasant, even though she was very busy and there were a lot of people waiting to get checked. She was fast, yet made time to speak with us directly and was so nice. You [TSA] need more [Officers] like her. We told her that she is the Gold Standard.”

A frequent traveler from Florida said an officer’s compassion stands out. “I wanted to send a note to thank the officer who helped me, my wife, and my family when we were flying through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. I travel frequently, usually for work. Officer Hill stood out as one of the nicest officers I've met. In fact, everyone who helped us through the security checkpoint was very pleasant and helpful.”

Albuquerque officers impress New Mexico passengers. “The initial officer checking our IDs was quick and courteous. One of our bags (full of great southwestern food) was selected for further inspection. The officer was quick to respond and explained the procedures as he searched the bag. He was friendly, courteous, and professional.”