What People Are Saying About TSA

Friday, March 6, 2020
Phoenix Picture


A Phoenix passenger talks about losing her ID while on a business trip far from home and expressed her deep gratitude for an officer’s professionalism and courtesy.

“[The officer] made what I thought would be the hardest part of my trip and my worst nightmare the easiest part of the whole process.”

Columbus, Ohio


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l too often the media puts the TSA or police on blast for some minor indiscretion, but rarely ever do they recognize the many incredible stories of [officers] going above and beyond the call of duty. At John Glenn International Airport, Ohio, a supervisory TSA officer, went well above the call of duty.”

“[She] made our day and proved there are good people out there with integrity who will help you without expecting anything in return. God bless her!”

Fort La

FLL Picture
uderdale, Florida

A local sheriff’s department officer observed a supervisory TSA officer who exhibited exceptional customer service skills while interacting with a passenger who was experiencing an anxiety attack.

The passenger service specialist, who specializes in dealing with unique situations, went above and beyond her supervisory duties to assist a passenger in need.  “One passenger requests her assistance every time they fly through Fort Lauderdale because of her customer service skills, understanding of disabilities, patience, and kindness.”

Lubbock, Texas

A Texas flyer said, “I was planning

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to fly to Denver and realized at the security checkpoint that I had forgotten my wallet with all my identification, at home. When I approached a TSA officer with my dilemma, he was calm and tried to present solutions.

His kindness and concern for me were both heartwarming and beyond the call of his duties as a TSA officer. I am both grateful for and humbled by his help. He is truly a wonderful example and should be commended.”