What people are saying about TSA - March 2022

Monday, April 18, 2022
San Diego banner

San Diego, California

“It makes me proud to live in San Diego, especially when I pass [through] airport security because our TSA agents [officers] are the most patient, courteous and professional of anywhere I have been!

I was treated like a guest, and I witnessed an agent patiently helping a parent and her small child make their way [through security].

Way to represent America’s Finest City! You guys get it!”

Providence banner

Providence, Rhode Island

“I travel often from Rhode Island to Washington, D.C., and I always dread going through TSA, especially with small children. A TSA officer talked my daughter through the process of what they needed to do, asked them questions regarding electronics, and any other items they might have on them.

He reminded me of someone that loves their job, but loves and respects people more.

I was feeling down after leaving my family behind, but this officer made my day.”

Barrow AK banner

Barrow, Alaska

“After we celebrated the holiday with our daughter, we were heading back to Ohio, and I was extremely impressed by the TSA staff at Barrow Airport (Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport). They were thorough, kind, helpful and pleasant throughout the process of checking us and our luggage through the process.

I have traveled through many airports, and the people you have in place in Barrow are some of the best I've had the pleasure to see in action. I think it is important to share compliments when warranted, and the team in Barrow was impressive.”