What people are saying about TSA - May 2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Officer Perez photo

Sacramento, California

A passenger in a TSA PreCheck® line at Sacramento International Airport observed this interaction between a large family and TSA Officer Marcus Perez and made the following comment:

“There was a language barrier and the adult women were confused. Marcus was extremely polite, respectful and helpful. He followed the rules of PreCheck but in a way that was thoughtful to the family and the circumstances.

It was a BUSY morning [during] spring break and I'm sure Marcus had put in many hours of his shift already. It was just so great to see such kindness and compassion from a TSA Officer.”

Baltimore, Maryland

Officer Saleem photo
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport TSA Officer Aqib Saleem. (Photo by Woodrow Major)

A 40-year law enforcement officer from Maryland penned the following comments about Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport TSA Officer Aqib Saleem:

“As I struggled to pull up the boarding pass [on my cell phone] TSA Officer [Aqib] Saleem left from his position behind his station and offered to help. I told him of my issue. He told me to come along to his position and he would take care of the process,” said the retired trooper.

“I was impressed with the actions of Saleem. Through a very small gesture, he exemplifies those core values. I hope that my comments of Saleem’s actions will find its way into his personnel file.”

Officer Linzy photo
Washington National Airport Lead TSA Officer Olivia Linzy (Photo by Barbara Smith)

Washington, D.C.

A former Pan American Airways flight attendant with a special needs child said the following about Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Lead TSA Officer Olivia Linzy:

Officer Linzy was not only professional and security conscious, but also kind and considerate. It made all the difference in the life of my daughter. In a time when flying has become increasingly stressful, she went out of her way to show a passenger a kindness.”

“Kudos to Officer Olivia Linzy.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Officers Nickens and Carter photo
PHL Lead TSA Officer Howard Nickens and Supervisory TSA Officer Aliyah Carter (Photo by Michael Devine)

The mother of a special needs child write about the interactions she experienced at Philadelphia International Airport with TSA officers:

“The three people who had occasion to deal with my daughter could not have been kinder or more caring. They were extremely polite, solicitous and even sang her the Wheels on the Bus so that she wouldn't become agitated.”

“I have never had a more positive experience with TSA in any airport. Unfortunately, I do not know the individuals' names, but I promised I would write and let you know how special they were. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and patience.”