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Thursday, January 30, 2020
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…….And we’re back to our regularly scheduled blog posts for you – our faithful blog readers! I hope you are as excited as I am for this upcoming year! I’m particularly excited to share my 2020 resolution with you all; I resolve that fewer firearms will be brought to TSA security checkpoints this year. I really think we can do it this year!

So how’s the resolution going? Pretty good! So far 12 fewer firearms have been brought to security checkpoints compared to this time last year! Let’s keep this going!

You can support our resolution by checking your bags before heading to the airport and telling everyone you know about this blog!



Between January 1 – 26, TSA found 258 firearms. Of the 258 firearms, 229 were loaded and 81 had a round chambered.

You can see all firearm discoveries from January 1 to 26 by clicking here.

This is a big deal. The consequences for forgetting your firearm in your carry-on bag can be severe! You could miss your flight. You may be arrested or cited. You can expect a civil penalty from TSA, up to $13,333. Oh, and if you paid for TSA PreCheck™, you will lose your status.

If you want to travel with your firearm, there is good news. You can and it’s super easy! You can check out our transporting firearms and ammunition page to learn how to properly travel with a firearm. And get this, if you still have questions, shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter and you may just be shocked by how fast we respond. 

Notable Incidents

SPS Concealed Knife

TSA officers at Texas’s Wichita Falls Regional Airport discovered a knife taped to the pull handle support in a passenger’s carry-on bag on January 5. Knives aren’t allowed in carry-on bags, but you can pack them in your checked bags. Attempting to conceal prohibited items comes with hefty penalties. It will cost you more than if you just paid the checked baggage fee or bought a new knife at your destination. 

RSW Rocket round

We all know that an empty M28 3.5” Anti-Tank Rocket isn’t allowed in carry-on bags or checked bags, right? Just so we are clear – no real, fake or toy explosive devices are allowed at all! Just leave them at home. TSA officers at Southwest Florida International Airport discovered the anti-tank rocket in a checked bag on January 14. Also, is this guy not worried about his unsheathed swords slicing his headphone cord?

Employee Stories

Employee Stories

TSA and airports partner with autism organizations

Traveling through airports can be difficult for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Learn about recent events held at airports across the nation aimed at helping passengers become more comfortable with navigating the airport and security process.

New Mexico TSA officers aid injured woman, special needs grandson

Two TSA officers from New Mexico’s Albuquerque International Sunport sprang into action to resolve a difficult situation after a passenger tripped.

Houston TSA surface inspectors participate in a multiagency Strike Force Operation

TSA protects more than just airports! TSA participated along with the Coast Guard, Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Houston Police Department in an operation at a local shipping port.

Travel Tips

If you’re traveling for the Super Bowl, be sure to check out our Travel Tips for the Big Game blog post.

Have a question about the security process? Check out our Security Screening page for information about our security screening methods.

Be prepared! For a list of prohibited items, check out our What Can I Bring? tool. Not only does it tell you what you can bring it gives you tips on where to pack it!

Got injured on vacation? Need to travel with some medication? Have a question about a medical device? See our Special Procedures page for answers.

If you still need help or want to talk to a real person, you can contact us or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Our AskTSA team will be happy to answer even the most outlandish travel-related questions.


We found 4,432 firearms in 2019. Visit our 2019 Year in Review for more information.

Watch a video highlighting TSA’s Top 10 Finds of 2019.

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Thanks for reading and safe travels!

- Jay Wagner

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