Holiday Plans? Safety First!

Friday, December 18, 2020
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It’s the holiday season, and if you choose to fly, check out our helpful tips to get you on your way quickly and safely!

First things first – remember to check with on current travel advisories and guidance regarding COVID-19.  You should also check with your airline as well as local and state guidelines at your destination regarding COVID-19.

Now, if you do choose to take to the skies, we have some great travel tips for you to “Stay Healthy. Stay Secure” and make it to your destination safely. 

Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Not sure how early to arrive?

COVID-19 has affected staffing and operations across the airport environment, so extra time will keep your stress level low. Arriving early will allow adequate time for checking bags, completing security screening and getting to the departure gate.

TSA and our airport partners are dedicated to adhering to CDC guidelines. Please be mindful of others and stay six feet away from your fellow travelers. And most importantly, please wear a face mask. 


Bringing home your favorite homemade cookies? All food must be removed from your carry-on bag for screening. We recommend passengers place their food items into a clear plastic bag and place that bag in a bin for X-ray screening. Food items often trigger an alarm during the screening process, so separating food from the carry-on bag lessens the likelihood that a TSA officer will need to open the bag and remove the food for a closer inspection. Following this tip will help reduce physical contact between our officers and your property, including the cookies!

One note for our TSA PreCheck® travelers - members don't need to remove food items and other items from their bags. Does this sound good to you? Learn more on how and consider enrolling today!


We can’t stress this enough – TSA recommends that you wait until you arrive at your destination to wrap gifts. Presents may need to be unwrapped for additional inspection and we do not have the means to rewrap them for you. This is the case for both carry-on and checked bags. Consider using gift bags or just wait to wrap your gifts at your destination. This will help keep the screening lane moving and reduce the need for a TSA officer to pull you aside. 

We want you to get to your destination, with your gifts, as quickly and safely as possible!

Download Our App

As you prepare for your holiday travel, one more thing you can do is download the MyTSA app. The MyTSA app will provide you with 24/7 access to the most frequently requested airport security information on any mobile device. Plus, check for flight delays and current weather conditions at your favorite airports nationwide. You can also use the “What Can I Bring?” tool in the app to know if you can pack a particular item in your carry-on or checked bag before arriving at the airport.

From all of us at TSA, stay safe, stay healthy…and most of all, happy holidays!

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