TSA’s Explosives Detection Canines are Something to Woof About!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Cooper, a yellow Labrador, on duty

Hey, it’s me, Cooper! You might recognize me from TSA’s social media – my birthday was kind of a big deal.

February is National Dog Training Education Month, and as TSA’s most senior explosives detection dog, I’m back to let you know about all the important work us canines do! Did you know that there are over 1,000 TSA canine teams deployed nationwide? My friends and I work at more than 100 airports, mass transit and maritime systems. Bet you thought we were just hanging out with the airplanes! 

Wondering what it takes to be an explosives detection canine and a part of TSA’s team? To become as truly fur-tastic as we are, we train at TSA’s National Explosives Detection Canine Training Center in San Antonio, Texas. Yee haw!

Cooper, a yellow Labrador, on duty

Our training lasts for 12 to 16 weeks, and makes sure we are ready and able to successfully find all sorts of different explosives in all types of environments. On average, there are about 300 of us who graduate every year. After that, along with our handlers, we’ll head off to our local duty stations. You can find me paw-trolling Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

The truth is our training is never over. We’re always being tested in real life situations, making sure that we can still sniff out and identify possible threats. Our mission is to keep you safe!

One more thing. I know I’m cute, but next time you see me or my friends working, you can wave hello, but please don’t pet us. We’re all business while working, but don’t worry, we play hard when we get home. Belly rubs are still our favorite way to finish out the day!

Thinking you’ve got what it takes to become one of our canine handlers? You can get your foot in the door by applying today as a Transportation Security Officer.  It’s a way to start with TSA!

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