• 3d printed firearms

    TSA Week in Review Feb 10 - Feb 23

    February 27, 2020

    The most asked question I get; “Are replica firearms included in the total firearm number?” The answer? No. Only live firearms found at the checkpoint that shoot projectiles are counted. The next question is always; “Have TSA officers ever caught a…
  • Pepper Spray concealed inside an inhaler

    TSA Week in Review Jan 27 - Feb 9

    February 21, 2020

    We can’t make this up! Yes, that is pepper spray that was inside a passenger’s inhaler. The passenger attempted to pack this pepper spray in their checked bag, but it didn’t meet the guidelines and wasn’t allowed to fly. Instead of surrendering the…
  • TSA Cover

    TSA Week in Review January 1 - 26

    January 30, 2020

    …….And we’re back to our regularly scheduled blog posts for you – our faithful blog readers! I hope you are as excited as I am for this upcoming year! I’m particularly excited to share my 2020 resolution with you all; I resolve that fewer firearms…
  • Image of football player running with football

    Big Travel Tips for the Big Game

    January 27, 2020

    And then there were two: The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Miami for the chance to hoist the NFL’s Lombardi Trophy! While most fans will watch the festivities on TV, some are fortunate enough to attend the game. So…
  • Firearms

    TSA Year in Review: 2019

    January 15, 2020

    3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!!! Here’s TSA’s Year in Review, toasting to 2019! *Kazoo* Before we jump straight into the numbers, let’s take a look back at 2019! We started the year off with an extended government shutdown, during which TSA officers…
  • Firearms at Security Checkpoints

    TSA Week in Review: December 2 - 15

    December 19, 2019

    Happy holidays! As we near the end of the year everyone is busy shopping for gifts, choosing which cookie recipes Santa will like and preparing for holiday trips! And if you’re flying on Christmas Eve, be sure to keep an eye out for Rudolph and…
  • Holiday traveler in winter clothes with suitcase

    Passing the Holiday Travel Test

    December 19, 2019

    As we announced yesterday, this Holiday Travel season is projected to bring a record-breaking number of travelers to airports across America. With that in mind, we offer you some tips to help you ease some of the stress for your holiday travels.…
  • Guns discovered at TSA checkpoints

    TSA Week in Review: November 18 - December 1

    December 5, 2019

    It’s days after Thanksgiving, snow is softly falling and you’re in a food-induced trance. So put on your comfy pants, grab a turkey leg and read about how TSA stopped a grenade monster. But first, let’s talk turkey. It was a record breaking…
  • Firearm Cover

    TSA Week in Review: November 4 -17

    November 25, 2019

    Between November 4 and November 17, TSA screened 31.7 million passengers and found 205 firearms in carry-on bags. Of the 205 firearms discovered, 176 were loaded and 72 had a round chambered. Don’t pack your firearm in your carry-on bag. Bringing a…
  • Man shaving in mirror

    To Shave, or Not to Shave, in November

    November 19, 2019

    It’s “No Shave November,” the yearly event when men don’t shave, groom or cut their facial hair for the entire month, to raise cancer awareness.  But as the month draws to the end, you’re left with a choice: Keep and maintain your new look or…

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