TSA Pre✓® enrollment center coming to Friedman Memorial Airport in late June

Monday, May 20, 2019

HAILEY, Idaho - Blaine County residents will have the opportunity to enroll in TSA Pre✓® at Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) for five days starting Monday, June 24, 2019. This is the first time SUN has hosted a TSA Pre✓® enrollment opportunity.

The temporary TSA Pre✓® enrollment center will be open Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28. It will be located in the airport terminal conference room. The hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The address is 1616 Airport Circle in Hailey, Idaho.

Across the country, travelers eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening can leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt during when going through the security checkpoint. In dedicated TSA Pre✓® lanes, travelers can leave their laptops, electronics larger than a cell phone and travel-size liquids in their carry-on luggage during the security checkpoint screening process. At key times during the day, TSA is now operating a dedicated TSA Pre✓® lane at SUN.

“TSA is excited to offer TSA Pre✓® enrollment to people in the Wood River Valley. The benefits of TSA Pre✓® are well known among frequent Idaho travelers and many people have been waiting for the opportunity to sign up for TSA Pre✓®, said Andy Coose, TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho. “We recently began offering full TSA Pre✓® screening benefits here during certain times of the day. We hope that this will motivate local residents to enroll in TSA Pre✓® while it is available at SUN.”

“We are excited to host this TSA Pre✓® enrollment center as a service to our local community and airport customers,” said Chris Pomeroy, SUN Airport Manager. “We have listened to the customers and in partnership with TSA, we are pleased that travelers departing SUN are able to experience the full TSA Pre✓® screening experience.”

The Transportation Security Administration is predicting summer 2019 will be the busiest summer on record, so now is an excellent time to enroll in TSA Pre✓®. Recent statistics show that 92% of TSA Pre✓®-eligible passengers waited less than five minutes to be screened through security checkpoints nationwide. Another benefit of the program is that children 12 and under are permitted to use the TSA Pre✓® lane when traveling with an eligible parent or guardian.

An in-person visit to the enrollment center is required to complete the application process. Applicants must bring a current U.S. passport or a driver license and a certified copy of a birth certificate. Fingerprints will be collected at the enrollment office.

The enrollment fee is $85, which covers a five-year period. The fee must be paid at the time of enrollment by credit card, money order, company check, or certified/cashier’s check.

While walk-ins are accepted, people are strongly encouraged to begin the enrollment process online and make an appointment for the in-person visit. Start by visiting www.tsa.gov/precheck and select “Apply Now.” Follow the online prompts, enter the requested information and select “Friedman Memorial Airport” as the enrollment location.

Sixty-seven airlines, including domestic and international carriers, participate in TSA Pre✓®, giving travelers even more options and reasons to enroll in the program. Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, all of which serve SUN, participate in TSA Pre✓®.