TSA announces changes to screening workforce performance management systems

National Press Release
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

WASHINGTON - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced changes to its performance management systems for uniformed TSA officers that will improve how performance is measured and recognized. The changes, which were developed based on feedback and input from TSA’s National Advisory Council, individual transportation security officer advisors, and other experts, will go into effect for the FY 2020 performance year.

“Our uniformed officers are essential to TSA’s ability to meet its aviation security mission,” said Acting Deputy Administrator Patricia Cogswell. “It is imperative that we foster an environment that both rewards the hard work and dedication to that mission evidenced by officers across the nation day in and day out, and also recognizes throughout the year those who go above and beyond.”

Under the two-tier system, employees will be evaluated as to whether they meet standards. As in previous years, employees with a satisfactory performance rating indicating they have “met standards” will be eligible for a pay adjustment and/or performance award based on available funding, at the end of the performance period.

In addition, the two-tier system will be paired with a new recognition program – the Model Officer program – which will identify and reward the highest performers. Throughout the year, ‘model officers’ will be recognized with additional salary increases, monetary awards, and/or other forms of special recognition over and above the performance rating process.

These changes simplify the process by removing some of the burdensome reporting requirements, making it easier to identify TSA’s most outstanding performers.