Man found with box cutter concealed in his shoe at Harrisburg International Airport

Local Press Release
Monday, July 8, 2019
TSA officers detected this gray box cutter and two of the white-wrapped box cutters in a traveler’s carry-on bag and one of the white-wrapped box cutters artfully concealed under the lining of one of his shoes at Harrisburg International Airport on Sunday, July 7. (TSA photo)

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A man was stopped by Transportation Security Administration officers at Harrisburg International Airport after they caught him trying to bring box cutters and a utility knife past the checkpoint on Sunday, July 7, including one artfully concealed in his shoe.

The man removed his shoes to go through the checkpoint X-ray machine when a small flat box cutter was found concealed under the inside lining of one of the shoes. Two additional flat box cutters and a standard hand-held cutter/utility knife were also detected in his checked bag.

When asked why there was a box cutter in his shoe, the man changed his story several times, claiming that he worked for a delivery service, that it slipped in, and that he didn’t know how it could have suddenly appeared unde

Concealed in Shoe

r the lining of the sole of one of his dress shoes

After the items were removed from the shoe and carry-on bag, the man was permitted to catch his flight because the weapons were removed and no longer posed a threat.