TSA stops man with 3D imprinted handgun in his carry-on bag at LaGuardia Airport

Local Press Release
Tuesday, July 9, 2019
This 3D imprinted trigger and main body of a handgun were caught by TSA officers at LaGuardia Airport in a man’s carry-on bag on July 3. (TSA photo)

NEW YORK —  Transportation Security Administration officers at LaGuardia Airport stopped a Kansas resident from bringing the trigger and body of a 3D imprinted handgun past the security checkpoint on Wednesday, July 3.

A TSA officer spotted the component of the handgun as the man’s roller bag entered the checkpoint X-ray machine. The item was confiscated by TSA and the man, a resident of Leawood, Kan., in Johnson County, was permitted to catch his flight without his gun.

Handguns and handgun parts are prohibited past airport security checkpoints, including 3D imprinted guns.