TSA Introduces New Baggage Screening Equipment at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Local Press Release
Friday, July 26, 2019

Tyler, Texas--The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed a new piece of high-tech baggage screening equipment at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR).

“This new machine, called a CT-80, will streamline the check-in process while adding efficiency and convenience,” said TSA Federal Security Director Amy Williams. “Until now, our TSA officers have had to inspect every checked bag by hand. With the addition of this new equipment, only bags that alarm will need a manual inspection by our team.”

All checked bags are screened for explosives at every airport in the United States, but the methods vary. Previously, bags at TYR were screened manually by using explosive trace detection equipment. TSA officers had to open each checked bag and swab it for traces of explosives before allowing the bag to be loaded onto aircraft. The new system will screen bags automatically and will alert TSA officers if something inside needs a closer inspection., making the process faster and more efficient.

“TSA has been a great partner with Tyler Pounds Regional Airport over the years and especially now as we have seen commercial air service grow,” said Airport Manager Davis Dickson. “When TSA heard about Frontier Airlines beginning service in Tyler, their team began taking action to address security needs due to the heavier passenger loads. This enhancement adds to the convenience of flying out of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport while maintaining the security passengers deserve. We are very appreciative of this addition.”

 Travelers flying out of TYR who want to check a bag will still go to their airline check-in counter to get their baggage tagged for its destination. Passengers will then take their tagged bags over to the new CT-80 where TSA officers will place them on the belt and scan them while the passenger heads to the checkpoint for security screening of their carry-on bags.