Large number of scouts expected at Yeager Airport Travelers should plan for larger-than-usual crowds

Local Press Release
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  As the 24th World Scout Jamboree winds down on August 2, travelers flying out of Yeager Airport should be aware that thousands of scouts from 152 countries across six continents will be headed to airport to fly home, resulting in busier-than-usual activity in the airport.

As a result, travelers are urged to get to the airport early to account for the many out-of-towners who will be flying home on August 2 through 4. Saturday, August 3, is expected to be the busiest day for the World Scout Jamboree participants to be flying home.

“We encourage passengers to arrive at the airport 90 minutes in advance of their flights,” said John Allen, the Transportation Security Administration’s West Virginia Federal Security Director. “There will be significantly more activity at check-in counters and at the checkpoint. Many of the travelers are likely to be teenagers who are participating in the Jamboree and are not typically familiar with checkpoint procedures.”

TSA officials are prepared for the expected increase in the number of passengers, and “we want to be sure that our regular business travelers are aware that they may encounter a higher volume of passengers than usual and remind them to get to the terminal 90 minutes before their scheduled departure,” he said.