Additional Saturday flights expected to crowd Elmira-Corning Regional Airport

Local Press Release
Thursday, November 14, 2019

ELMIRA, NY —  Passengers who will be flying out of Elmira-Corning Regional Airport on Saturday, November 16 and 23 should expect to see the airport more congested than usual due to some additional flights that were added and are scheduled back-to-back-to-back within a very short timeframe.

Travelers can expect to see longer lines at the ticket check-in counters and at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint as a result and the best advice is to get to the airport at least two hours before your flight.

TSA is increasing staffing at the expected passenger arrival times and are prepared to rotate into any role that needs assistance at the checkpoint. In addition, the airport and airlines also are planning to take some steps to prepare for the larger-than-usual crowd of passengers who will be arriving at about the same time.

In addition to arriving two hours before their scheduled flights, passengers can make a difference in expediting their trip through the checkpoint by taking the following steps.

  1. Pack smart. Make sure you don’t have any prohibited items in your baggage. You would be shocked at what some people bring to the checkpoint just because they forgot to check what was in their bag. If you have questions for whether something can travel visit our website at, download the free myTSA app or go to Twitter or Facebook Messenger and ask your question via @AskTSA.
  1. Use your time in the checkpoint line wisely. While in the checkpoint line, get out your boarding pass and ID. Have them in hand when stepping up to the podium and have each person in your travel group present her/his own boarding pass and ID. When traveling with small children, the parent or guardian should present her/his own boarding pass and ID and afterward present the boarding pass for each child.

While in the checkpoint line, start to empty everything from your pockets and put those items inside your carry-on bag so that when you step up to the conveyor belt to divest your belongings into bins, you will have a head start before stepping into the scanner. The Automated Image Technology scanners detect both metallic and non-metallic items between the clothing and skin. That means the machines can detect non-metallic items tucked inside pockets such as tissues, wallets, mints, driver’s licenses and passports. So be sure to remove everything from your pockets.

While you are in line, please prepare to remove your large personal electronic devices from your carry-on bags. All personal electronic devices larger than your cell phone are to be placed in a checkpoint bin with nothing above it or below it so that TSA can get a clear x-ray image of these items. (i.e.: laptops, tablets, e-readers, cameras and electronic games)

  1. Traveling with food. If you’ve spent time cooking up your favorite holiday treats, please know that you can bring food items with you when you fly. If the food item is a solid such as pie, stuffing or other baked goods, you can pack it in your carry-on bag. If the food item is spreadable or pourable such as cranberry sauce or gravy, then please pack them in a well-sealed container in your checked bag. If you’re unsure if your food item should go in a checked bag, consider this: if you can spill it, spread it, spray it, pump it or pour it, then please pack it in your checked bag.
  1. Dress smart. Consider wearing slip-on shoes, which are easy to slip off and then on again. Don’t wear clothing with lots of metal rivets, sequins, or metallic threads, which often trigger an alarm on the checkpoint scanner. Remove everything from your pockets—metallic and non-metallic—and put those items into your carry-on bag.