TSA Pre✓® benefits expanded at Casper/Natrona County International Airport (CPR) airport with “Blended Lanes”

Local Press Release
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

CASPER– The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) begins offering Blended Lanes at Casper/Natrona County International Airport (CPR). Blended Lanes provides TSA Pre✓® screening to confirmed TSA Pre✓® individuals and their accessible property at smaller airports that do not have a dedicated TSA Pre✓® checkpoint. At larger airports, Blended Lanes is utilized during off-peak hours when TSA Pre✓® passenger volume is too low for dedicated TSA Pre✓® lanes.

Using traditional screening lanes to screen both TSA Pre✓®  and non-TSA Pre✓®  travelers, Blended Lanes increases the number of locations where TSA Pre✓® enrollees can receive full benefits of the program, which include:

  • Compliant 3-1-1 liquids/gels/aerosols and laptops remain in the carry-on bag,
  • Shoes, belts, and light outer jackets stay on,
  • Where feasable and space permits, dedicated TSA Pre✓® queues.

Passengers who are already enrolled in TSA Pre✓® don’t need to do anything new in to participate, and as a reminder, should ensure that they use their known traveler number when booking a flight. At locations now using Blended Lanes, TSA Pre✓® passgengers may receive a special marker to identify them and separate out their property as they go through screening.

Travelers have already been seeing this initiative in action at about two dozen small airports, with an additional airports planned.

At airports now using this new procedure, TSA Pre✓® travelers will be able to leave compliant 3-1-1 liquids/gels/aerosols and laptops in their bag, and will not need to remove shoes, belts, and light outer jackets, no matter what time of day or checkpoint they pass through.

TSA Pre✓® enrollment is easy – take 5 minutes and apply online, then 10 minutes for an in person appointment – and you can receive your Known Traveler Number in less than two weeks. That means you could be flying with TSA Pre✓® in time for the holidays.

For more information, visit tsa.gov, and follow @TSA on Twitter and Facebook. Not sure what is allowed on the plane? Send your questions to @AskTSA on Twitter and Facebook Messenger.