Bradley International Airport makes TSA’s Top 10 list of most unusual finds at checkpoints in 2019

Local Press Release
Friday, January 17, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Bradley International Airport made it into the Transportation Security Administration’s list of Top 10 List of most unusual items found at checkpoints in 2019. TSA released the list in an on-line video it posted on the agency’s Twitter account.

What was the item from the airport that ranked as #6 on the top ten list? Read on . . .

A traveler showed up at the Bradley International Airport checkpoint in early spring with an electric circular power saw. TSA does not permit any tools larger than seven inches to be brought onto an airplane. Individuals who show up at a checkpoint with tools larger than seven inches are given a choice. They can put it in a checked bag, return it to their vehicle, hand it off to a non-traveling companion or mail it to their destination (or home) if the airport has a mailing center. The final option is to voluntarily surrender it to TSA. This one was surrendered to TSA.

Prohibited items that are surrendered at the checkpoints nationwide are picked up by the state and sold. The states keep the profit. TSA makes no profit off of items that travelers surrender at checkpoints.

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