‘Oh, that knife? It’s just holding my bag together’

Local Press Release
Friday, April 24, 2020

Flight loads at airports across the country have dropped dramatically because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not stopping TSA from keeping the traveling public and homeland safe and secure.

TSA officers at Boston Logan International Airport proved that when they found an artfully concealed knife and firearm at the checkpoint just days apart.

Bos Gun Catch

While screening passengers at the checkpoint, TSA Officer Kerry Marden made quite a discovery. Marden identified a knife in the X-ray, but when she conducted the bag search, she wasn’t able to find the knife in plain view. A few moments later, she realized the knife was there, but it was hidden in the seam of the bag. The passenger said he placed the knife in the seam because the bag had been damaged and needed stability.

A few days later, Officer Carlos Vieira, working at the same checkpoint, found a loaded gun inside a carry-on bag. That passenger said they just forgot about the gun.

During these moments when all of us are experiencing uncertainties and challenges, TSA officers continue to diligently and professionally succeed in accomplishing the mission. These discoveries are another reminder of the importance of that mission.