TSA releases roadmap for mitigating insider threats to transportation environments

National Press Release
Thursday, May 14, 2020

WASHINGTON – The Transportation Security Administration today released its framework to thwart insider threats in the transportation sector. The TSA Insider Threat Roadmap will streamline processes, identify requirements and capabilities, and leverage partnerships to proactively mitigate risks associated with insider threats.

“Together with our interagency partners and industry stakeholders, we will maximize innovation and technology to mitigate insider threats,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “In addition to addressing key operational needs, implementing the Roadmap will also enhance our position as a global leader in transportation security and advance transportation security standards worldwide.” 

The roadmap focuses on three overarching priorities: 1) promoting data-driven decision making to detect threats; 2) advancing operational capability to deter threats; and 3) maturing capabilities to mitigate threats to the transportation sector.

“While we recognize that there is no ‘turn-key’ solution to mitigating insider threat, this roadmap will help implement safeguards that incrementally raise the security baseline,” Pekoske said.

Watch TSA Administrator Pekoske discuss the importance of the Insider Threat Roadmap.