TSA Administrator visits Boston Logan International Airport

Focuses on efficient operations and pandemic-related protocols
Local Press Release
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
TSA Administrator David Pekoske addressed members of the TSA workforce at Boston Logan International Airport during one of their breaks. (TSA photo)

BOSTON –  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske visited Boston Logan International Airport Tuesday to praise employees for their continued vigilance during the pandemic. TSA officers are required to wear gloves, masks and socially distance whenever possible in an effort to protect each other and airline travelers.

He also expressed his appreciation for their hard work and dedication during the recent Independence Day holiday weekend.

ADM at security checkpoint

“The July 4th holiday got us over the 700,000 throughput threshold since passenger counts dipped below 100,000 in the early days of the pandemic,” Administrator Pekoske said. “I’m also glad to see that more passengers are socially distancing in the airports and especially in security lines.”

 During his visit with TSA employees in Boston, Pekoske encouraged TSA officers to continue wearing their TSA-issued masks during their commute home to help reduce the likelihood that they could contract COVID-19.

“Wearing masks is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself,” he said.

Pekoske also encouraged officers to take health precautions when they are not working. He stressed the importance of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing when they are in public.

The Administrator also discussed two new procedures that are being implemented this month. TSA officers are required to replace their gloves after each pat down of a passenger or screening of a carry-on bag. Officers may use hand sanitizer in lieu of changing gloves, where glove inventory necessitates it. In addition, TSA has made it mandatory for officers to wear face shields when working in close contact with passengers and where there is no plastic shield/barrier installed. If face shields are not available, prescription eyeglasses or safety glasses/goggles are required.

“We greatly appreciate all of the personal protective equipment you are able to provide for our workforce,” said Bob Allison, TSA Federal Security Director for Massachusetts and Maine.