TSA at Dulles Airport detect replica military anti-personnel mine in checked bag

Local Press Release
Monday, July 27, 2020

DULLES, Va. – A Transportation Security Administration officer detected a replica military anti-personnel mine in a woman’s checked bag at

Realistic replica anti-personnel mine
This realistic replica anti-personnel mine was detected in a checked bag by a TSA officer at Washington Dulles International Airport. (TSA photos)

Washington Dulles International Airport late this afternoon.

TSA’s security scanning technology triggered an alarm on the bag, indicating that it needed to be inspected by a TSA officer. The officer

opened the bag and uncovered a military style anti-personnel mine, commonly referred to as a Claymore mine. A TSA’s explosives specialist was alerted and immediately responded to inspect the item. It was determined to be a realistic inert replica mine.

The item was removed from the bag, which was then cleared for flight. There was no impact to airport operations.