Connecticut TSA employees support security operations for 59th Presidential Inauguration

Local Press Release
Thursday, January 28, 2021
BDL LTSO Michael Dillon purchased some commemorative coins as souvenirs to take home. This was his third inauguration. (TSA photo- Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

HARTFORD – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees assigned to Bradley International Airport (BDL) played a major role in supporting security measures for the Presidential Inauguration.

In the days leading up to January 20, 16 TSA personnel from BDL deployed to the National Capital Region to assist with physical security for Inaugural events. They were responsible for physically screening individuals who appeared at checkpoints near the White House, the Capitol and National Mall on the day before and the day of the Inauguration.

Several of the BDL TSA team also conducted checkpoint screening at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on the day after the Inauguration. Those officers helped ensure visitors to the region were able to get through airport checkpoints efficiently as they headed back home.

“I am extremely proud of the TSA Bradley team that supported one of our nation’s most important events,” said William Csontos, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Connecticut, who also was in Washington, D.C. to assist in TSA’s overall efforts during the Inauguration. “Their work ethic and dedication to our security mission was evident throughout their time in the nation’s capital.”

 BDL TSA officers who were deployed at designated security checkpoints throughout Washington, D.C. worked alongside U.S. Secret Service officers and other TSA screening officers from airports around the country, including 15 TSA employees from Boston Logan International. 

“It’s good to experience history taking place,” said Michael Dillon, deployed TSA Officer out of BDL. “I never felt so safe with all of the law enforcement, Secret Service and National Guardsmen who were on site. D.C. was locked down.” 

In total, more than 400 TSA officers from around the country staffed dozens of security checkpoints established by the Secret Service to screen backpacks, duffle bags, handbags and other personal items before allowing them into the secure areas of Washington, D.C.