TSA PreCheck® participants can now use American Airlines mobile app at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Local Press Release
Friday, June 24, 2022

FORT WORTH – A collaboration between the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), American Airlines, Airside and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has resulted in travel verification technology through facial recognition. Travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck can have a convenient travel verification experience through facial recognition. By using their TSA PreCheck membership, AAdvantage number and either a driver’s license or U.S. passport, travelers can create their secure mobile ID.

As of Wednesday, June 22, travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck may use their American Airlines Mobile ID at select TSA PreCheck checkpoints to have their identities verified at DFW. Travelers can use their phone and their face at every TSA PreCheck checkpoint location at DFW. 

Prior to travel, individuals with TSA PreCheck can download the Airside Digital Identity App on an iOS or Android device, take a photo of their face, scan their driver’s license or passport and enter their American Airlines AAdvantage number. Once those steps are completed, the app verifies the traveler’s information using mobile ID technology powered by Thales to compare against each state’s department of motor vehicles records or the passport’s embedded NFC chip. The app will then securely store the traveler’s mobile ID on their mobile device until they choose where and when to use it.

Travelers simply present a QR code on their phone and consent to share their American Airlines Mobile ID with TSA. Traveler’s look into a camera at the TSA PreCheck checkpoint after sharing their mobile ID. TSA’s computer system will match the traveler’s encrypted image against their American Airlines Mobile ID. The process at the airport typically takes less than five seconds. Once verified, TSA erases the encrypted digital ID from its checkpoint readers and travelers retain their digital ID on their device until they are ready to use it at another waypoint, such as an airport lounge.

“We’re thankful for our stakeholders’ collaboration and support in driving the industry forward to offer innovative security checkpoint solutions to help customers safely and securely travel,” said Kriste Jordan-Smith, Federal Security Director, DFW Airport, for TSA. “We’ll continue to take an agile approach to developing a stress-free and secure traveling experience for TSA PreCheck passengers, and look forward to expanding this technology in the future.” 

In the future, American will roll out similar technology to additional kiosks, bag check and domestic boarding gates. American customers can already verify their identities through facial matching provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at several international boarding gates today.