David Pekoske confirmed for second five-year term as TSA Administrator

National Press Release
Thursday, September 15, 2022
TSA Administrator David Pekoske

WASHINGTON Earlier today, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm David Pekoske for a second term as the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) seventh Administrator.

President Joe Biden nominated Pekoske for a second term in May 2022, and the U.S. Senate voted to confirm him this afternoon. He leads a workforce of approximately 60,000 employees, the security operations at nearly 430 airports throughout the United States and has federal responsibility for the security of surface transportation in the United States including pipelines, rail and mass transit systems.

“It is a privilege to continue serving the American people alongside an incredible workforce of dedicated and highly skilled professionals,” Pekoske said. “I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our nation’s transportation system remains secure and facilitates the movement of people and cargo.”

In his first term, Pekoske focused on the agency’s implementation of technology advancements at airport security checkpoints. These include improvements in X-ray, identity management and on-person screening technology. He also led the rapid improvement in cybersecurity resilience of critical transportation infrastructure to include oil and natural gas pipelines; freight, passenger and transit rail; airports and airlines.  

Pekoske has ensured the expansion of the TSA PreCheck® program that now features more than 12 million members, over 200 participating airports, a majority of domestic airlines and an international TSA PreCheck location in the Bahamas.

President Biden appointed Pekoske to serve as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security on Jan. 20, 2021. On Feb. 2, 2021, Pekoske continued to serve the Department as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary to provide continuity of leadership during the transition. He returned to TSA on June 28, 2021.

In his next term, Pekoske has identified key priorities in support of national, departmental and agency strategies for transportation security. These include:

  • Achieve and implement pay equity. Equitable compensation remains an essential element in the effort to recruit, train, equip and retain a highly skilled and professional workforce on the frontlines of transportation security.
  • Continue to invest in technology. As TSA looks at the future of travel and the requirements that enable the agency to remain ahead of emerging threats, continued technology investment is essential.
  • Strengthen the outstanding partnerships with transportation stakeholders and international governments. These partnerships make security more effective, more efficient and enhance the passenger and shipper experience.

Before joining TSA, Pekoske was an executive in the government services industry, where he led teams that provided counterterrorism, security and intelligence support services to government agencies. Pekoske served as the 26th Vice Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, culminating a Coast Guard career that included extensive operational and command experience. He was a Commissioner on the Cyberspace Solarium that made recommendations on cybersecurity strategy for the United States. In addition, he has been twice awarded the Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal.