TSA backs stronger Philippine aviation security

National Press Release
Tuesday, August 1, 2023

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) affirmed its commitment to provide additional training and equipment to the Philippines’ Office for Transportation Security (OTS) as part of its sustainable security initiatives.

During a courtesy visit to Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista, TSA Assistant Administrator for International Operations Gary Renfrow noted the improved aviation security in the Philippines and assured the transport chief of continued support for capacity development efforts for airport authorities.

“I think we’re making fantastic progress in terms of aviation security here in the Philippines. Our collaboration has been particularly important in this progress, and we are committed to continuing that work,” Assistant Administrator Renfrow told Secretary Bautista.

Secretary Bautista, for his part, assured the TSA that the DOT and OTS will continue to adopt the best practices in global aviation security to ensure passenger safety in airports.

“You have our commitment to see to it that we continue to adopt the best practices in the [aviation] industry. Our aviation industry now is back to pre-pandemic levels here in the Philippines, so we must ensure the safety and security of all passengers,” Secretary Bautista said, addressing Assistant Administrator Renfrow and US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission in the Philippines Heather Variava.

The two officials discussed challenges in the aviation security and how local airport officials are adopting techniques and methods to protect air transportation from various security threats.

The transport chief likewise cited the support from the U.S. Government to beef up the aviation security in the Philippines, including the security screening equipment, training initiatives for OTS personnel, posting of aviation security advisors, and sponsorship of airport observation visit to Indianapolis International Airport.