Statement regarding screening breast milk, formula and other medically necessary liquids at TSA checkpoints

Friday, May 13, 2022

TSA is committed to ensuring that every traveler is treated respectfully and courteously at the checkpoint, while also ensuring passengers get to their destination safely. Officers are trained to screen oversized liquids such breast milk, formula – and other medically necessary liquids – for explosives.  Ice packs, freezer packs, gel ice packs, and other accessories required to cool breast milk are allowed in a carry-on when presented for screening. Medically necessary gel ice packs in reasonable quantities are allowed regardless of their physical state of matter (i.e., melted or slushy). However, they are also subject to the same screening and inspection, just like other oversized liquids. If not deemed medically necessary, these liquids must be checked-in.

Our employees go through regular training to effectively engage and screen diverse traveler populations, including those who are breastfeeding and/or traveling with breast milk. TSA has also worked with external stakeholder groups in the past to provide training for the workforce. We will continue to engage with advocacy and community-based organizations to enhance our screening protocols.  Additionally, we will re-double our training to ensure our screening procedures are being consistently applied.