Feds Feed Families empowers TSA officers to give back

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Waco airport officers photo

A successful workplace giving program can boost employee morale, improve team building and help employees feel more connected to TSA’s core values – integrity, respect and commitment.

Food donations to Caritas photo
Waco Regional Airport TSA officers help 1,935 families by donating 352 pounds of food to Caritas Food Bank. (Photo courtesy by Brent Price)

Feds Feed Families (FFF) is an annual food drive that encourages federal government employees to give, collect and donate food for those in need.

TSA officers spearheaded collection efforts at Waco Regional Airport (ACT) in Texas and Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) in Alaska, exemplifying what it means to give back.

TSA Team FAI has participated in FFF for years. “After a very busy summer, we wanted to do something fun for the workforce and support FFF,” said FAI Assistant Federal Security Director Dawn Baptist.

Officers who contributed to FFF at an FAI picnic got to throw a pie in Baptist’s face or at one of the airport’s three TSA managers. “We decided the next best thing was a pie in the face,” explained Baptist. “Who wouldn't enjoy hitting their boss with a pie?”

“The food drive is an easy way to give back and help someone in need,” she added. “It’s a project the team can work on together and help someone less fortunate.” 

Food donations photo
Waco Regional Airport TSA officers generously support Caritas Food Bank to help people begin their journey out of poverty. (Photo courtesy of Caritas Food Bank).

ACT TSA officers also participate annually in the FFF program, this year helping nearly 2,000 families by donating over 350 pounds of food to Caritas Food Bank.

“We naturally want to contribute to things we see as beneficial to others when we know we have the means to do so,” said ACT TSA Manager Brent Price. “I’m proud of our team members for continuing to be generous givers to our community.”

Price noted, “Without effort, we can sometimes lose our focus and forget that giving is, or should be, inherent in our primary mission of screening and providing security to the traveling public.”

By Chelsea Hayes Maddy, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs