Kudos Across America – Aberdeen, South Dakota

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
 Aberdeen Regional Airport, South Dakota

On a recent trip from Aberdeen through Minneapolis-St. Paul to Los Angeles, I discovered that my wallet had slipped out of my pocket while in the waiting room to board in Aberdeen. When I got to Minneapolis, I got hold of [Aberdeen Supervisory TSA Officer] Leslie High. Officer High let me know that he had my wallet, and I mentioned that when I got home from Los Angeles, I would send him a UPS number and address to send my wallet.

Officer High photo
Aberdeen Regional Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Leslie High with passenger compliment and South Dakota coin presented by Federal Security Director Mark Heisey. (Photo by Wan Wu)

Les was very professional and caring. It was a good feeling to know that Les had taken care of this for me.

I wish there were more Leslie Highs in the world we live in today.


Dale Good